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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The law of attraction

I have known about "The Secret" for almost a year. When I first watched the DVD, I was all fired up to make unlimited copies and pass them out to everyone I ran into. I signed up at the web site, pasted vision boards all over the house, then life happens, as it does, and I forgot to use it. The day before New Year's Eve I was almost to the end of my hour and half drive to my mother's house when there was a loud cracking sound, leaving me without brakes or steering. Luckily,
there was an incline over to the right where I managed to stop. The kids were horrified, as they are everytime one of our cars takes leave of its senses.
I made it to my mother's and parked our weary van. I began thinking about the secret and how in it the instructors teach that we attract everything we have, good or bad, into our lives. For several days before the trip to my mothers, I was constantly worried about the van breaking down, as it was in need of repair. I prayed that it wouldn't, that it would last until I could get it to the shop and worried some more. Then it happened. It broke down. I had loaned my only copy of The Secret to a friend, and began wondering how I could get another copy. I tried to remember the lessons in the movie and vowed to get a copy of the DVD. There was a knock on my mother's front door. It was some of my mother's friends, just popping in to leave a box of things they had cleaned out of their house. On the top of the box was the book "The Secret" and to my surprise, my mother said "Oh, your brother sent these." She handed me two copies of "The Secret." I have been reading the book avidly and watching the DVD. It is so empowering. I will never forget to use the law of attraction again. I make sure that my thoughts are positive and if I feel myself slipping, I change my mood. I am working on getting a new car and a new G&I home. I don't know how
I will do this, but I am going to do it.


Anonymous said...

I was never really into reading,but I really like your poetry.I read it and it all makes sense to me.Thank you

Anonymous said...

this is a SHWEEEEEET poem!

Anonymous said...

I really like your Blog it is looking really good.You have so many good poems.I like them alot.